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Movie Buffs

Movie Buffs

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PLACES everyone, it's time for MOVIE BUFFS trivia!

This quiz has something for every type of movie fan, from Classics purists to Sci-Fi fiends to Comedy lovers and beyond. 

2 x General Movie Buffs Knowledge
"What was Pixar's first feature film?"
"What is the last word of dialogue in "The Wizard of Oz"?"

• Books-to-Film
"What 1990 book turned film was set on Isla Nublar?"

• Film settings  
"What 1951 Elia Kazan movie was set in New Orleans?"

• Film: Through the Decades
"1920's: Who played vampire Count Orlok in 1922's "Nosferatu"?"

PLUS a very meta FAKE movies in REAL movies picture round that is a true challenge even for the most hardcore film aficionados 🤔

So, stock up on popcorn and Milk Duds and MAY THE QUIZ BE WITH YOU.

All documents are XLS and PDF formats in ZIP file.

Now with PowerPoint format (NEW!!) 


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