Free Printable Guide: How to Run Trivia

Free Printable Guide: How-To Run A Successful Trivia Night


Included with each Quizmasters trivia packet is a handy, one-page, printable guide on how to run a successful trivia night. In case you missed it, or haven't purchased one of our quizzes yet, we've included it here for your convenience.

Feel free to print it out and use it as a guideline at your next event! The rules can always be changed to fit your trivia night; these are just our suggestions based on our experience (we've been running a local trivia night for 18 years!)

Enjoy! And, as always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

FREE PRINTABLE GUIDE: How to Run A Successful Trivia Night

Click below image to open PDF file.

Free step-by-step guide (How do you run a trivia night?)


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