Social Distancing App



Social distancing during live trivia is possible with!
Teams can digitally submit answers to hosts who can grade and score quizzes right from their laptops.

What you Need:

  • Host: A laptop
  • Player: A phone or any device


    How it Works:

    1. Host creates a new game at and gets a unique game code.
    2. Players enter the unique game code on the website
    3. Host asks questions. 
    4. Teams answer questions on

    5. Host grades answers:

    6. App tabulates scores:

        This means no paper changing hands, less walking around the bar or event space, and a tool that automates tabulation. It’s a new powerful way to make your job a little bit easier and safer. Plus, it's available at no additional cost to current subscribers.

        What you get with our subscriptions:

        1. The upcoming week’s quiz pack sent to your inbox every Sunday afternoon. 
        2. The option to pause or freeze your subscription at any time, for any reason, simply by sending us an email.
        3. No automatic charges on your account.
        4. Full client support from The Quizmasters.
        5. Access to our new social distancing friendly answer sheet and scoring form app,!
        6. First access to any new features.


          More About Us:
          Our mission is to write sixty perfect trivia questions every week. We are a small team that has written, edited and hosted pub quizzes for over 15 years and we take our jobs very seriously. This means we edit, re-edit, survey and fact-check each and every question before it gets to you. We do this by testing out every one of our questions ourselves in front of a live pub quiz crowd (virtually, at the time being, but we still have a group of over 60 people providing feedback) and fixing any ambiguities or issues. What’s more, we create every question with the intention of having it spark debate and conversation. Within each category, we diversify our questions in a way to get everyone on the team involved. Before our pack gets sent on Sunday afternoons, we make sure we crafted the perfect trivia night for you.