Fun Fact: Fearless Ibexes

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Fun fact #3

This one is from a General Knowledge question in Quiz 10752 (April 10, 2023)

a wild goat scales a dam to get salt

Alpine ibexes are dam clever...

Alpine ibexes, those wild, wild goats, are known for being cute (of course) but also for their remarkable ability to scale steep dams and cliffs in search of minerals! The rocky terrain of their alpine habitats often lacks an abundant supply of essential minerals, such as calcium and sodium, which are crucial for bone development and overall health.

an ibex licks salt off the wall of a damTo compensate for this, these agile mountain-dwellers take to climbing dams and cliffs, where mineral-rich deposits can be found. Scaling these heights not only provides them with access to these vital minerals but also allows them to avoid potential predators, as the rugged terrain serves as a natural fortress.

Question: Part of the genus Capra, an Ibex is defined as any of several wild species of what animal?

Answer: Goat

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