How our trivia works

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We started TheQuizmasters in 2005 after realizing we had figured out a "Goldilocks" pub quiz format; it wasn't too long, it wasn't too short and the difficulty was just right. We also had a discerning crowd that wouldn't allow even the slightest error to fly, keeping us on our toes and keeping our questions more accurate than other trivia events we had been to in person or quizzes we had read online. We honed that format and our process over the years with feedback from our customers and local quizzers in order to offer a product to bars (and whoever else wanted to have a trivia event) that was simple to run and fun for all involved.

If you want to start your own self-hosted trivia night with us, we make it easy from beginning to end.

How our trivia works: 

  • Buy a quiz

    Trivia packets start at just $20 for an 8-week subscription. We also have a great selection of themed quizzes.

  • Download

    Your download will be available immediately after purchase. A link will also be sent via email.

  • Print

    All files come in quick-print PDF format and Excel format for customization.

  • Quiz

    It’s that easy! We even give you an easy-to-follow guide on how to run an event. Quizzes take about 2 hours in total.

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