How to Host a Halloween Trivia Night

Host your own Halloween trivia night with our trivia night questions. Also, plenty of tips on how to host your own Halloween trivia night.

As the end of October approaches, it’s time to think about ways to introduce new players to your trivia night. So, why not start a new spooky tradition with Halloween trivia? This is one of our favorite ways to shake things up and it has become one of our most popular specialized trivia nights. Not only do the players get in the spirit of the season, but our hosts love it too! Here are a few tips to get your Halloween trivia night going:

1. Costume Contests

Encourage players to dress up and award points for best costumes. You can even have different categories. For example, best group costume, funniest costume, and best overall costume are all great ways for teams to score points. Another added bonus of costume contests is that you’ll get some great photos for social media. So, don’t forget to snap some pics of your Instagram-worthy trivia night.


Halloween trivia costume contests create even more ways for your crowd to enjoy the holiday.
one of The Quizmasters Halloween costumesanother one of The Quizmasters Halloween costumes

2. Candy

Whatever prize you normally award the winners, include a bag of candy. In fact, leave candy everywhere. We usually have a big bowl on the host’s table and small snack bags on each of the players tables.
Sweeten the deal at your Halloween trivia event with lots and lots of candy. Trick or treat AND trivia!

3. Halloween Music

In between rounds, be sure to have a playlist of Halloween songs on queue. Here's one we made on Spotify:

4. Questions

Most importantly, you need to have the right questions. Fortunately, we have three full volumes to choose from. The Quizmasters Halloween themed trivia (and all of our themed trivia, for that matter) goes through the same rigorous testing as our weekly quizzes. Not only do we check for accuracy through our editing process, we also test all of our quizzes in front of a live audience to make sure they are fun, accurate and unambiguous.

So, get your costumes on, your decorations up, and get ready to quiz!!

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