Introducing shareable category hints!

Trivia event tips, the importance of blogging

Check out our CATEGORY HINTS blog

A great tool for trivia hosts is having a blog in which you can post scores and other details of the previous event as well as info for your current quiz night. 

Check out our CATEGORY HINTS blog


One of the most important parts of our local trivia blog posts is a category hint.

The category hint allows quizzers to study ahead of time and/or prepare their teams accordingly. If the category hint indicates a film round, they invite their movie buff friends; if it's science-related, they bring their science whizzes; if it's a sports category, here come the sports ringers.  


Posting a hint is a great way to get more people interested in your trivia events. It can give your players confidence since they'll know at least one of the night's trivia categories, PLUS, the hint can become a game in itself.  

We prefer to make hints that the teams have to decipher, like rebus puzzles, pictograms, or sometimes simply a cryptic GIF that they have to figure out.

category hint s17w26 + category hint movies

(moo + vees = movies)

Now you can use the hints we've made for your own events! Check back each Sunday for a new category hint and share with your quizzers.

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