PowerPoint Presentations

Hey Quizmasters, We are excited to announce the addition of one of our most requested features: PowerPoint presentations!  

Every subscription package will now come with a PowerPoint file of the current week’s questions and answers (including the picture round.) The file can be opened in both PowerPoint and Google Slides and then cast to your bar or event space’s video displays.
powerpoint presentations
powerpoint now included with every quiz
Each PowerPoint has over 100 slides and is an optional feature that is designed to be used alongside asking questions out loud, in the regular format (but can be used on its own, too!)
We know this will be a great addition to your event. If you have any questions, please send us an email!
As always, there will be no additional charge for PowerPoint access and the file will be included in every new pack (as well as in your Triv.it account.)  
Need help? Check out our PowerPoint info page.
We don’t raise prices. We just add features. 
Happy quizzin’!
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