Team Name Inspiration

After 15 years of hosting live trivia in NYC, we have gathered quite the collection of team names. We even have teams that change their name every week just to keep us on our toes. If you're a host looking for name ideas to pass on to your teams or a quizzer in need of inspiration, then look no further. We've selected the top team names from over the years and included a few honorable mentions as well. (There's even a small batch of less-than-safe-for-work options at the end...) 

Happy quizzing!

{Pro tip: Make your own "Team Name Shout Out" graphics, like the ones we made below, to share on your local trivia blog! It's another fun way to engage your quiz teams.} 

Trivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John with a question mark for her head - team name "Trivia Newton John"

Obi Wan, Kenobi Zero

obi wan, kenobi zero

Grandpa's Porn Stash

black mustache - Grandpa’s Porn Stash

 Halal, Is It Meat You're Looking For?

Lionel Richie with halal meat for his face - Halal, Is It Meat You're Looking For?

 Lee Harvey Wallbangers

Lee harvey Oswald holding a cocktail - trivia team name: Lee Harvey Wallbangers

Buns N Roses 

Guns N Roses logo with "Buns" instead of "Guns" and featuring stylized buttocks - Buns N Roses

Hold My Beer While I Take A Quiz

Man holding a question mark and drinking beer - Hold My Beer While I Take A Quiz

Honorable Mentions:

When You Quiz Upon A Bar

Jalapeño Business

Endangered Feces

Let's Get Quizzical

Nothing Rhymes with Venus

Alcoholics and Awesomeness

Quiz Me Baby One More Time

Resting Quiz Face

You're A Quizard, Harry

The Quizard of Oz

E=MC Hammered

The more "NSFW" team names:

My Couch Pulls Out but I Don't

Creepy man in sunglasses in front of a sleeper sofa - My Couch Pulls Out but I Don't

Quiz on My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me

Chitty Chitty Gang Bang

Nine Inch Males

Quiz In My Pants

Oedipus and The Motherf*ckers

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