Thanksgiving Trivia

Thanksgiving dinner talk doesn't have to be about politics! Talk about these trivia questions instead.

This year, avoid those awkward political conversations and wage a war of wits instead with these...

Five free Thanksgiving trivia questions: 

Q: According to a 2018 Vogue survey, what is by far America's favorite pie?
A: Pumpkin, of course! 🥧

Q: What company is celebrating 38 years of answering all of your Thanksgiving meal questions via their turkey hotline? 🦃

A: Butterball has been on the ball for decades saving your messed up meals.

Q: What US president proclaimed Thanksgiving a national federal holiday? 🇺🇸

A: Abraham Lincoln declared the "fourth Thursday of every November thereafter official U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving." 

Q: According to ABC News, how many calories does the typical American consume during Thanksgiving dinner alone, not including drinks and dessert! 🍗

A: The average American will down 3,000 gut-busting calories during their Thanksgiving dinner and will more than double the suggested average daily calorie intake with drinks, apps and dessert.

Q: The Thanksgiving Day football tradition began when what two Ivy League schools faced off in 1876? 🏈

A: Yale and Princeton. Now football is as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as pumpkin pie.

Need more Thanksgiving questions? We've got you covered:

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!!! 

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