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Winter Holidays Quiz Vol. 2

Winter Holidays Quiz Vol. 2

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Celebrate the season with Winter Holidays Trivia Packet Volume 2!

Rounds included are:

🎁2 General Winter Holidays Knowledge rounds The poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" is more commonly known by what name? | How many lords-a-leaping would your true love give you, as per the song?

🎄Holiday Film & TV In "A Charlie Brown Christmas", Pig-Pen is cast as what 
     in the Christmas play?

🥶Winter Holiday Songs "Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet." Name the song.

❄️"Snow" Words Crossword-style round  Buddy the Elf weapon.
      All answers start with "S-N-O-W"

Santas, Name the Actor Pic Round 🎅🖼
(See image for a preview!)


🛷This quiz will ensure you sleigh this holiday season so get yours now! 🎄

Now with PowerPoint format (NEW!!) 

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