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'80s Quiz

'80s Quiz

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If you're still cruisin in your Pontiac Fiero rockin stonewashed jeans and a sweet mullet (or those choice poofy bangs) then this quiz is for you.

Questions on pop culture, music, movies, TV, history and so much more from the decade that brought us both Madonna AND the Flowbee:
"What company made wearing multiple watches a fashion statement?"
"Who "Built This City" in 1985?"
"Reba the Mail Lady was a recurring character on what '80s TV show?"
Add some totally tubular action to your next trivia night or any other event with this Mega Rad '80s Quiz.

All documents are XLS and PDF formats in ZIP file.

Now with PowerPoint format (NEW!!) 

Part of TheQuizmasters Collection, which are older themed quizzes or quizzes compiled from our AWESOME archives. NOTE: Some timely questions may be out of date. 


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