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Perfect for Fundraisers Quiz

Perfect for Fundraisers Quiz

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Note for current trivia subscribers:
This quiz contains questions that have been sent out in our weekly quizzes.

Kick your fundraising event up a notch with our "Perfect for Fundraisers" quiz packet! 

Need help getting started? Get more info on how to host a fundraiser's quiz and how to raise money with a trivia fundraiser. Adding trivia cheats for an extra event perk? Download your free printable cheat cards now.

We've curated our past quizzes to put together the perfect quiz packet for your event. Who says raising money can't also be FUN? 

Categories included:

2 General Knowledge rounds A perfect mix of subjects to liven up your event!
"Also a human first name, what is the term for an infant marsupial?" / "The '80s jingle for what "forgettable" candy bar describes it as "Chewy, chocolatey, crunchy, Hershey's!"?"

Which Decade? 20th Century
"Elvis Presley signs with Sun Records."

Films with Cities in the Title
"Sports Illustrated once ranked what film 'the #1 greatest sports movie of all time'?"

Crossword round: Q6 (6-letters word starting w/ "Q")
"Workplace for Fred Flintstone."

PLUS a Logos By the Letter Pic Round
Can they name these companies/brands based on just one letter from their logo?

So, get our Perfect for Fundraisers Quiz and start having fun while raising funds.

All documents are XLS and PDF formats in ZIP file.

Now with PowerPoint format (NEW!!) Includes a special PowerPoint in which you can add your fundraiser info or logo.

Need more questions or want to put your own packet together? Check out our PAST QUIZZES or SEARCH by category to find the perfect quiz for you.

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