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Perfect for Work Quiz

Perfect for Work Quiz

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Updated 3/8/2024
Note for current trivia subscribers:
This quiz contains questions that have been sent out in our weekly quizzes.

Bring the daily grind to a halt with our new quiz for 9-5ersNo TPS reports here, just safe-for-work FUN. We scoured our extensive Quizmasters database and compiled these questions with office events in mind.

The two general knowledge rounds contain more business-oriented questions (ex: "In business lingo, what type of equity is non-monetary?") and the other rounds are topics everyone loves to discuss around the water cooler, including:

"What two NFL teams are tied with the most Super Bowl wins?"

"This TV show began with Lucky Strike and ended with Coca-Cola."

"The name of what 2019 film translates to "to the stars"?"

PLUS a Logos Pic Round
Name the businesses associated with these logos, some iconic, others a little more tricky...

Get them thinking outside the box at your next office event with this
Perfect for Work trivia packet!

All documents are XLS and PDF formats in ZIP file.

Now with PowerPoint format (NEW!!) 

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