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Winter Holidays Quiz Vol. 3

Winter Holidays Quiz Vol. 3

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Updated 5/8/2024

'Tis the season for Winter Holidays Trivia Packet Volume 3!

Rounds included are:

☃️ 2 General Winter Holidays Knowledge rounds When translated, the title of what holiday song roughly translates to "days gone by"? | How many sides are on a dreidel?

🍿 Holiday Movies & TV Specials According to the movie "Elf", what is the first rule of being an elf?

📺 Holiday TV Episodes What TV show had a Hanukkah episode that featured the “Holiday Armadillo”?

🎁 It's a "Twelve Days of Christmas" Gift!  Phoning fowl?
      All answers are a gift in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas". 

Snowy Holiday Movies Pic Round ❄️🖼 

Name the movie.


❅ Bring the jolly this holiday season by getting this quiz now! ❆

Now with PowerPoint format (NEW!!) 

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