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Winter Holidays Quiz Vol. 1

Winter Holidays Quiz Vol. 1

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Updated 5/8/2024

The PERFECT addition to any office Holiday Party. Great for charity events and any other holiday gathering, too.

Also ideal, of course, for a holiday themed Pub Quiz at any bar! 


Holiday General Knowledge "Where did Homer and Bart find Santa's Little Helper on Christmas Eve?"

Holiday Crossword "D: 7 Letters; a spinning top."

Toy Hall of Fame "The term 'action figure' was first used for this product."

Holiday TV Episodes Picture Round


We even threw in a special gift, a FREE EXTRA ROUND so you get SIX written rounds and a picture round!!

❄️We just know YULE love this quiz❄️

Now with PowerPoint format (NEW!!) 

Note: Powerpoint file does not include the free extra round (Holiday Songs: Fill In) due to formatting.

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